He lost everything. Except his cool.

VEER! follows the story of Jesse Sorensen (played by co-writer Jesse Gay), a pro skateboarder who once ruled Florida. But now, six years later, with his glory days behind him, Jesse is dropped by his skate team and all but forgotten. Broke, he moves back in with his elderly grandmother only to discover his 17-year old niece, Samantha (Corsica Wilson – In a World…), crashing there as well, following the same slippery slope Jesse once paved. Now Jesse must confront what he has spent his entire life avoiding – responsibility – and figure out his future once and for all.


Filmed on location in Florida, including at the legendary Kona Skatepark, the film is “a thing of pure joy to watch…” (Rogue Cinema) with “beautifully filmed skateboarding scenes… solid acting performances and an equally solid script with likeable, true-to-life characters.” ( Winner of Best Florida Film at the Sunscreen Film Festival and the Skate or Die Award at the Pollygrind Film Festival.


Directed by P. Barry

Written by P. Barry and Jesse Gay

Produced by Antonio Sarte, Kirsten Walsh, Kat Attaway, Mark Rivera, Michael Stevenson, D.M. Rayton & Tim Wood

Starring Jesse Gay, Erin Nicole Cline, James Nguyen & Corsica Wilson


MUSIC: The Phantom of Sad Songs by Crash the Satellites

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VEER! - official trailer